AstonMartinVroomx3 is a 25-year-old North Carolina based producer/DJ/engineer with Peruvian roots. He’s recently released Pure, an 8-track instrumental EP inspired by Latin America’s vivacious baile scenes and world music. TheDeeepEnd is the project’s sole feature, contributing to the opening title track. Get ready for takeoff because Aston has provided a jet-setting experience with this beat tape.

“Pure” brings a sense of clarity with the onset of faint bongos, balanced with flickering keys. We are taken through Brazilian favelas in “Tudo Bem (Memories)”. Martin’s futuristic baile style grazes our ears and his beat is hard-hitting and deep for an alternative facelift. Soon enough, he pulls the brakes for “El Jaguar/Chica Sexo”, a slow-brewed Rasteiriha fuse with Jamaican dembow undertones. At the project’s halfway point, the North Carolina beatmaker continues to pick up steam once again.

I’m hoping to reach as many people as possible and spread positive energy through this feel-good music.

“Thicc” originally brought Aston to my attention through the Soundcloud algorithm for its strong tropical feel and bouncy production with complex rhythms. We return to the States with “Flauta Brava”, Pure‘s most heavy, trap-influenced beat with heavy bass riding through.

Aston pushes creative bounds with “Naruto Na Favela”, a potent mix of eloquent Japanese Koto strings with aggressive vocals and baile for an overall assertive mood. The intensity deepens with high-pressured, super-charged “CR7”, inspired by the swift sounds of funk at 150 bpm. He closes Pure with “Play The Game”, a sinister probidão inspired track filled with gunshots and sirens.

Pure is a beat tape offering a variety of funk styles introducing listeners to the sounds of Brazil and Latin America. It’s clear that AstonMartinVroomx3 has a strong attention for detail. He reminds us about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone — creatively and personally to grow as an individual.

Follow Aston @Astonmartinnt on social media and let his music inspire your next travel destination.

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