Sometimes Soundcloud’s suggested and similar track algorithm comes in clutch. Back when I was writing a review to Sabrina Claudio’s Confidently Lost, this track came up after “Too Much Too Late”. Since then, I’ve consistently listened to it on almost a daily basis.

Arkansas native Jamiya Phillips (juh-my-uh) or OHMIYA has always been a singer. At 9 years old, she began to capitalize on her talents after a family member’s passing. It first began with a gift of a guitar from supporting parents. Phillips later learned the cello, drums and piano. Creating music further consumed her after being driven to create sounds with garage band on an iPhone 5c.

A creative craft transitioned to pursuit after creating “Death of a Star”: a song built on a beat, vocals and concept of stars transforming into black holes. Her name stems from the expression of her nickname: “Oh Miya”.  One thing soon lead to another.

Turns out people actually liked me. I mean I never would’ve imagined. I pour out my heart and people are listening… actually listening.

OHMIYA is one of the many overlooked unsigned and self-managed talents lurking all over social media. The Arlington emigrate cultivated this track through an online studio and in-home mic.

I tried to inquire my heart and mind.

From the get go, it’s easy to recognize the lyrical agony.  Miya exudes a well-rounded vocal range, reaching higher octaves at key points in “Range Rover”. The British full-sized luxury SUV references am overarching metaphor emphasizing her drive in seeking freedom for herself and music.

Follow Miya at @mercurymiya on social media to be continuously devoured by untreated melodies.

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