Vulnerability has a way of reshaping an artist’s image and persona. It intensifies their authenticity while giving space to understand their lived experiences.
Apollo Hill understands that life happens differently for everyone, whether it means enjoying youth to experiencing success and loss. “91 Willow Street” proves to be a track for him to come to terms with his childhood, the past and his current identity.

“91 Willow Street” is the first single from the artist’s upcoming EP You Are Not Alone. The Rhode Island native’s chorus constantly reiterates that he will see you on the other side. “91 Willow Street” mixes some gritty, nostalgic guitar riffs with airy vocals. He seeks to learn from mistakes while being thankful for his mother and her contributions.

This track blends emotive Alternative Rock with gloomy R&B production and ad-libs. Hill has the ability redefine what it means to live life on the edge. “I might just die tonight” continues to be calmly exclaimed and it is oddly reassuring because he wants to be a voice to those with silent, tormenting demons that personify themselves in sin.

This song develops a space to confront unresolved emotions, knowing that tomorrow is not promised to all of us. It shows that our life paths are unexpected: resulting in some joining gangs and doing drugs or being carefree, exploring the city at night as we wait for our day jobs. Regardless, death will happen for all of us, it is just a matter of when and its circumstance.

As he reiterates “91 on my mind” over snaring drums, it makes you think of lost youth and where your childhood friends have ended up. Although Apollo is unsure of where his journey is taking him, he is confident in achieving contentment.

A date for his project is yet to be announced. Follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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