Oklahoma born, Ohio raised R&B singer songwriter AMEA explores neo-soul sensibilities with sentimental lyricism. The Learning Tree Part 1 is an 8-track self-written and executively produced project featuring instrumentation from the likes of CJ from Torrejon, Urban Gentleman Music, Jonah Conrad, James Blue, Tank, Pac Div’s Like and novemberweather.

It follows the outpouring success of 2016 violin-drum crossover single “VayCay”.

Outside of being a frequent performer at Southern open mics, AMEA holds a masters’ degree from University of Texas San Antonio in Sociology & Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Arts. Her sound blends warm R&B vocals with charismatic storytelling over eclectic instrumentation.

“Time” is an invigorating check-in with the Ohio songstress with a mission to rekindle a long-lost flame as bass-tinged “Space” explores the purpose of belonging in. AMEA collaborated with novemberweather for airy pep-talk “Everything” en route to tension-rising “Who Knows”. The CJ & Friends produced single allows her long-brewing quite storm to be released.


Haunting tones are exchanged for piercing harmonies in passion-drowned “Ark”. She enters a poetic realm for wordplay-laden “On The Way” which displays intricate penmanship with a dreamy melody.”Sequo (YAH)” is the most experimental and aggressive sounding single of the package. We meet her passive-aggressive resentment at the door preaching: “I don’t remember what I did last year / But I remember euphoria and I remember balling out with this girl I used to fuck named Gloria / Used to play on repeat was my freak in my sheets till I found out poison ivy was my kryptonite”. She may seem vengeful but it appears as a coping mechanism in her fast-collapsing world. The Learning Tree concludes with Tank-produced “Starz”, a sensual ode to relationship that’s finally come full circle ending in morning embrace.

Listeners can appreciate the lyrical value of this project. We are presented with the intersectional identity of AMEA and her vulnerabilities when it comes to love. The balanced production is easy on the ear Overall, it’s a stronger introduction for those who are acquainting themselves with the Ohio native.

Project favorites: “Ark” and “Space”

Follow AMEA @MindofAMEA on social media and check her out if she’s in a city near you!



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