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An Emcee knows how to control a crowd. They are captivating and the life of the party, turning heads when they pick up the microphone. These individuals are the masters of ceremonies, hosting live performances and events. Some of the best Emcees include KRS-One, Method Man, Lovebug Starski, Blu, Immortal Technique and Kool Keith.

In order to be a great MC, these are some qualities needed to exceed in the field.

Your voice has to be recognizable.There has to be strong charisma to link your voice to your image. Emcees need to be able to connect with their audiences and network with those around me. If you are shy, it might be difficult to succeed.

Flow in Hip-hop refers to word construction. Similar to charisma, it allows you to control your vocal presence on a beat. Fans will try to comprehend what you are saying and it has to be clearly conveyed. Flow shows your versatility to adjust to situations in the moment.

Vulnerability allows you to be relatable to your fans. It provides authenticity to your work, showcasing your lived experience or fictional references.

4.Multi-faceted (substance)
Emcees who have substance and knowledge know how to develop scenarios on the fly. Multi-faceted interests allow you to draw from history, your personal understanding to create sentence structure and image significance.

5.Inventative (creative)
Creativity will allow an emcee to bring their own twist to the Hip-hop scene. Without creativity, your work is bland and dry. The ability to invent makes listeners think critically for writing mechanisms present in a song or freestyle.

6.Critical Thinking
Writing mechanisms must be able to stand together in a song. Critical thinking will help sharpen writing skills and see where production can be improved. It also allows you to differentiate yourself off of your unique selling proposition and develop a tailored image according to it.

7.Fast-paced Thinker
Emcees adjust to their currents immediately, whether its in the studio, in a cypher or live performance. They must be able to think on the spot to spit verses or freestyles when asked. Fast-paced thinking allows an emcee to craft something short when an opportunity presents itself.

Emcees must trust themselves when making music. It must sound original and true to yourself in the booth. They also know when they make their mistakes and how to come back to them. It is important to decide when to go with your mind over your heart or how to trust the process.

9. Patient
Being a musician or creative can be discouraging. Sometimes, you are the only one cheering yourself on when the journey gets rough. Patience is essential when crafting a song, album or video because it is a tedious process. An artist can become famous at any time with vitality developing superstars in our social media-d
riven generation.

10. Tough Skin
Everyone will be critical of your music. They will disappoint and talk down on you to your face and behind your back. A thick skin will keep you motivated to succeed because emcees are unfazed when they are doubted and emerge as underdogs. It is good to receive criticism but you have to be able to take it with a grain of salt.

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